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If someone asked me why I like Zhang Yixing, these would probably be just some of my answers.

More than a celebrity, more than a bias, more than the glory of the stage, you are a role model to many. At least, you remind me everyday to be a better person. If I could be half the person you are, I think I would be very happy.

While going through a year’s worth of your videos for your countdown which I didn’t finish T.T, there have been so many great moments this year, but so much more we can never see. This year has been tough, but you’ve come a long way, I’m proud of you.

Let’s walk to the end. 生日快乐,小萌宝,我的长沙小骄傲!

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140908 - Lay’s weibo update

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[140525 10:59] “既然被发现了 就告诉大家一个秘密 这件衣服是我自己DIY的短袖 没什么能为你们做 所以准备在我生日的时候 送给你们 当礼物 具体什么时候能送呢 我也搞不清楚 反正准备在这了 在我生日之前是拿不到滴 喜欢不?”

"Since I’m already busted, I will tell you guys a secret. This is my very own short sleeved DIY (Do It Yourself) shirt. Since I’m not able to do much for you all, I intend to give these away as presents for my upcoming birthday. The specific dates on when it will be sent off, well, I’m really not too sure either. Anyways, I’m already preparing for it but you can’t receive it before my birthday! Do you guys like it? ~”

[140525 13:39] "生日前 拿到的 不算啊 要我自己做的 不准买 只送的"

"If you got it before my birthday, it’s not counted! It should be made by me. Buying is prohibited, only giving away as present!

-Yixing weibo

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And I told myself that I’ll let this be
Told myself that I won’t miss you anymore
I’ll let you go
But do you know how much my heart hurts,
When I say I don’t love you anymore?
And baby, do you know that I can’t turn to look at you
Because once I do, you’ll see me cry.

And I send a prayer to Heaven, that the person I love
Will be happy forever, let him always smile
Let me be the one who misses him,
All the heartache and pain, give it to me instead
Because I love him, because I love him.

  • rough translation of mi noog, sudden rush
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Meet my forever, ultimate bias Zhang Yixing
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241/100 Gifs of Yixing. Oh so I guess porn is considered fanservice now. 

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the epitome of cute

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SHIT YIXING SAYS: shortie yixing has his own worries